Taken By The Poolboy (Interracial Obsession)

Taken By The Poolboy (Interracial Obsession)


Genre: Pool Boy Erotica / Interracial Latino

Jessica – newest action movie star and America’s sweetheart has everything she thought she wanted: Fame, fortune, and a mansion in Beverly Hills.

But her life still isn’t satisfying.

After a confrontation with her Mexican poolboy rough and tumble, she’ll get what she’s been needing. He lets himself in through the backdoor and makes her taste what a dirty girl she really is.

Does this actress have the talent to handle the hardest part of her career?

This 9,100-word interracial erotica contains detailed explicit descriptions of pool sex, including anal and oral situations with a sexually frustrated Hollywood star surrendering herself to a well endowed Latino poolboy.

It’s intended for the enjoyment of adult readers only (especially those who love erotica stories involving first time backdoor experiences with a firm touch of alpha male domination).