My BBW Geek Romance (Free Download)

Free BBW Romance

Genre: Curvy Girl Romance / Best Friend Romance

After Claire’s baseball player friend (and persistent crush) Alan keeps striking out at bat, math geek Claire comes up with a formula for near perfect hits.

Now every baseball scout, reporter, and coach wants to know how Alan handles his balls so well. They have no idea it’s all thanks to his geek friend Claire, whose equation for the perfect swing turned him from a bench warmer into a no-miss sports hero.

They really don’t know that Claire has a crush on Alan. Neither does Alan, until a series of romantic stories starring Claire and Alan gets leaked to the entire school.

Can Claire recover from the embarrassment and why is Alan striking out again?

This 12,300-word BBW best friend romance contains detailed descriptions of sex between a full figured math geek and muscled baseball jock.

It’s intended for the enjoyment of adult readers only (especially those who love curvy girl love stories with a sweetness and romance).


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